Upcoming Events

Looking for a way to find new places to buy or sell memorabilia? Would you like to meet hundreds of people interested in your hobby?

Virtually every month you'll find either a regional or national Coca-Cola Collectors Club event to attend.   The main purpose of our events is to buy, sell and trade Coca-Cola® collectibles.   Sure, you'll see banquets, a fun game night and events that relate to the location or theme of the event, but you'll also see some serious collecting.

Our upcoming conventions reach across the U.S.:

  • 41st Annual National Convention  Glendale, AZ, June 30 - July 4, 2015
  • 42nd Annual National Convention Reston, VA, July 5 - 9 (Near Washington D.C.) 2016
  • 43rd Annual National Convention  To be announced!!  2017

There's bound to be an event in your area. You must be a member of The Coca-Cola Collectors Club to attend the national conventions and the local events. Join the club today.  For some events, you can print the registration form from this site.   Complete the requested information, include your payments and mail to the address on the form. If you can't find a registration form, email the event contact or a Board member and they will be glad to help. We'll see you soon!



One Day Swap Meet
Cortland, OH

Aug 3, 2014

Contact: Susan at swapmeet@westernreservechapter.com


Fall Fever in the Ozarks
Branson, Missouri

November 6-8, 2014

Contact: Ken Cottrell at beartul@cox.net



The Great Get Together 2015

Conatct Mark Lawrence at 951-351-2422 or  marklrcta@aol.com;   


Great Lakes Chapter -
Antique Advertising Show & Swap Meet 2015


Conatct Dana Zeigler at 248-464-2994 or  jeffdanazg@aol.com;


Tex-Fest 2015
Contact: TJ Walton at 214-923-2019 or  texfest@rocketmail.com;


Springtime in Atlanta 2015
Atlanta, Georgia

Contact:  Doug & Laura McCoy: 770-435-9138 or Charlotte Segovia: 770-844-0097


Spring Fling 2015
Blue Springs, Missouri

Contact: Joanie Shover at jshover50@aol.com